About Deeana

Here, you’ll learn about me in more detail. Such as, how I stumbled in to SEO and digital marketing, how I emigrated to Canada, a little about my family, and what I like to do in my free time.

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Portrait photo of Deeana Radley- about this freelance SEO and digital marketing specialist

About how someone with a journalism degree ends up having a career in SEO and digital marketing

I begun this journey researching small business websites and producing traffic-driving content for them. It was a punter, (who I’d met whilst bartending to get through university), who offered me a freelance content writer role and first introduced me to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). My skills as a journalist were easily transferrable to writing for the web.

My First Permanent SEO & Digital Marketing Job

In 2014, I bought “Digital Marketing for Dummies” and swatted up on the industry lingo and techniques. Soon after, I interviewed for permanent digital marketing positions in the UK, eventually landing my first full-time role as a SEO & Digital Marketing Assistant at Solopress.

It was here that I truly honed-in on my online marketing skillset. The role at Solopress was all-encompassing, I:

  • Produced content
  • Ran SEO audits
  • Reported to the CEOs
  • Managed the social media account campaigns
  • Monitored their website for on-page opportunities.

It was a deep-dive into digital marketing.

I also signed up to Treehouse to sharpen my basic coding skills. The challenge of learning HTML and CSS enticed me so, and I soon passed their “How to Build a Website” course.

So, How Did you End-up In Quebec, Canada?

My husband was born and raised in Quebec, whereas I was born in a county called Essex, in England. We had met back in 2012 on vacation and were visiting each other’s countries for a few years, until we realized it was time to settle down.

Having visited Canada many times during our dating days, I knew I wanted to live there. Canada instantly felt like home. Aside from missing my husband, I truly missed the province of Quebec too. I longed for maple bacon, poutine and the boho vibe of Montreal.

Fast-forward to 2020 : I am married, a Canadian resident (something I am truly proud to say) and a doting mother to a toddler.  I’ve never felt more settled and content.

SEO, Digital Marketing & Content Marketing in Montreal

Experience working in Marketing in Quebec

I began my career in Canada by researching the market and volunteering my SEO knowledge. I attended Montreal events and reported on them, producing optimized content for the web.

In 2018, I was hired at Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), as their Junior SEO. Present day, I am the SEO & Content Marketing Specialist in their marketing department. Key experience and responsibilities include:

  • Played a pinnacle role in a major site migration
  • Orchestrated and project managed a new marketing initiative
  • SEO campaigns
  • Link building campaigns

Quebec’s Unique Marketing Industry

Quebec’s marketing industry is very different from the UK. Marketers, specifically working for the French Canadian industry, have the dual French and English languages to contend with, as well as the wider Canadian and North American markets, (depending on the geographic location of your target audience).

French Canadian Language Lessons

It was paramount to brush up on my French, and have attended French language courses. My husband is francophone and my toddler helps me to sharpen my language skills every day!

Tell me a bit about yourself: what’s your interests?

When I am not working: I spend time with my family. Canadian life has encouraged me to get out more: on the weekends I love to photograph Montreal’s wall murals, drive in the Laurentian’s, hike and cycle. Quebec has so much to offer and I feel incredibly lucky to call it my playground and home.

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