I created a subdomain of my website, turning it bilingual: available in both English and French.

Creating a subdomain was new to me – perks of the career is to learn something new every day! But I was up for the challenge.

Here’s a screen recording I made demonstrating subdomains and discussing translator plugin alternatives:

What I needed was an English and a French version of my website, to correspond with Quebec language laws and to appeal to my demographic.

The question was, how? Research had me going round in loops – but one route was consistent. And that was to create a subdomain.

Screenshot of the French version of my website

I contacted a colleague I used to work with (who’s a pro at websites) and she confirmed my thoughts that creating a subdomain is what I needed to do.

So how to do this? Initially, I thought it was entirely within WordPress that I would create the subdomain. However, my colleague assured me its within your web host’s ‘cPanel’ where you manage domains.

Screenshot of cPanel

Duh! I thought, of course!

Ye who dare, beware: I wouldn’t recommend anyone begin delving into the backend of their website unless they have had some experience and understanding of how websites work. As, one small error could potentially crash your entire website.

Translator Plugins

In my video, I mention that WordPress has translator plugins available. The difficulty in this is you have little control over how the pages are translated (in my case, the plugin translated so badly my French-speaking husband was clueless) and it is always more SEO-friendly to not use a plugin if you can.

Subdomain Con

A downside to having a domain and a subdomain is that you, ultimately, have double the content to manage. Every time you make a change to the English website, you have to match it with the French version. This can be time-consuming.

Feeling brave?

I found a tutorial on Youtube by WP Learning Lab that guided me through. And, all in a day’s work, I had successfully set up my French subdomain.

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