I launched my Instagram account today: months before I’m ready for clients. Am I mad? Maybe.

Screenshot: @DeeanaRadley Instagram business account

So, I began sharing my Instagram account today. I see it as a sort of ‘pre-launch, launch’. I am using my personal network to boost my following first; so when prospect clientele land on the account, they see I already have a strong following. This, in turn, gains trust in me as a serious freelancer.

Macbook pro with Magic Mouse 2 on a wooden desk

In the next few months, I aim to gain enough followers that business owners land on my social accounts and it looks as though I’ve been up-and-running as long as they have.

I have dreams of becoming Laval’s first Influencer and I have a long, long, long way to go before I can be calling myself that!

If Taylor Swift can get a hype up by simply posting scrap pieces of paper on her Instagram account (yes she did this to promote her new Album, the image got over 500,000 likes), then why not I?

I am only a few days in to setting up, yet I can already feel that all-too-familiar buzz. Digital marketing is a blend of creativity and technology – I equally have expressive freedom, coupled with a healthy dose of challenge.

What do you think of my pre-launch?

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What’s this girl on about?

I’m a digital marketer: I create, run and manage a business’ online persona. With my expertise, business’ attract more visitors to their website with the goal to convert them into clients and / or sales. To find out more go to: Services.

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