My digital marketing services include

Digital Marketing

My freelance digital marketing service includes SEO, email marketing and audits. I create a marketing strategy that boosts CTR, site visits and conversions.

Content Writing

Hire me to market your website through content curation: including blog posts, text and images. I create an easy-to-follow content calendar & conduct keyword research.

Social Media

Gain more followers & increase engagement with my social media marketing plan. The strategy includes a calendar, account management and regulated posts.

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Industry growth of 15% each year
76% of Canadians are actively purchasing online, with an estimated spend of $50billion by 2019.
Pulling The Plug On Cable

Cable cutting is on a steady rise: 1/4 of Canadian households (3.8 million) cancelled cable in 2016.

No Time Limits

The average Canadian spends 4 hours online a day. Digital Marketing means you reach customers 24/7.

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